Ferro manganese medium carbon

We are a preeminent name in the space of giving a far reaching scope of premium quality Ferro Manganese, for example, Low Carbon Ferro Manganese, Medium Carbon Ferro Manganese and High Carbon Ferro Manganese. Ferro Manganese is a Ferro Alloy with high substance of Manganese in it and is exceptionally requested for use in different mechanical applications. The Ferro Manganese is offered by us at serious market prices.

Ferro Molybdenum

We are a presumed Manufacturer, Supplier, Importer and Exporter of unrivaled quality Ferro Molybdenum. The Ferro Molybdenum offered by us is a strong solidifying specialist and is a constituent of warmth treated composite prepares. Ferro Molybdenum helps in improving erosion safe of tempered steel in iron and is profoundly compelling in reinforcing iron and steel.


We offer our customers with a subjective scope of Ferro Titanium. These are ferro combinations comprising amalgam of iron and titanium in the proportion of 10-20, wherein 45-75 % titanium and now and then a modest quantity of carbon. It is utilized in steel making as a purging operator for iron and steel. These are profoundly responsive with sulfur, carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen.

Ferro Silicon

Ferro Silicon offered involves amalgam of iron and silicon having normal silicon content somewhere in the range of 15 and 90 weight percent and contains high extent of iron silicides. It is created through decrease of silica/sand with coke in presence of factory scale, scrap iron and with silicon substance of about 15%, it discovers use in impact heaters that are fixed with corrosive fire bricks.


We are a conspicuous Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter and Importer of Ferro Vanadium. Our Ferro Vanadium is comprised of vanadium, silicon, aluminum, phosphorous and carbon. Our Ferro Vanadium discovers its utilization as an alloying operator for iron, steel and aviation. The Ferro Vanadium offered by is profoundly requested in different enterprises and increased in value by numerous clients.

Ferro Chrome Low Carbon & Extra Low Carbon

Low Carbon Ferro Chrome offered include ferrochrome ortant chromium mineral. It functions as amalgam of chromium and iron and involves somewhere in the range of half and 70% chromium content and gives use as significant iron niobium composite with niobium substance of 60-70%. Further, it is additionally utilized as principle hotspot for niobium alloying of HSLA steel.


It is normaly used as alloying or additive during the steel manufacturing. Molybdenum 0.2-5%, in stainless steels, increases hardenability and strength, particular at high temperatures. Often used in chromium-nickel austenitic steels, molybdenum protects against pitting corrosion caused by chlorides and sulphur chemicals

Product/Elements Ferro Molybdenum LC Ferro Manganese MC Ferro Manganese Ferro Titanium Ferro Vanadium Ferro chrome
Mo 60% - 65% - - - -
Ti - - - 30% - 35%
65% - 70%
Cr - - - - - 60% - 70%
Mn - 65% - 70%
70% - 75%
75% - 80%
70% - 75%
75% - 80%
- -
Si 1% - 2% 2% - 4% 2% - 4% 2% - 3% 1.50 %Max 1 - 2%
B - - - - -
C 0.10% max 0.10% - 0.50% 1.5 - 2% 2% max 0.20 %Max 0-1%,0.3%,0.5%
S 0.05% max 0.05% max 0.05% max 0.05% max 0.05 %Max
P 0.05% max 0.25% max 0.35% max 0.05% max 0.05 %Max
Al - - - 4% - 12% 99% min
Cu 0.50% max - - 0.50% max -
Fe Balance Balance Balance Balance -
V - - - - 50 -55%